Wheelchair Hire

Wheelchair Hire in Oxfordshire

At True Mobility we offer Wheelchair Hire Service. If you need to hire a wheelchair for that special day or to help someone temporarily, look no further. 

Map showing where True Mobility is located?

We are based in Didcot and wheelchairs are collected and returned to the store. We can arrange to deliver and collect at an additional charge. 

We hire Self Propelled Wheelchairs andTransit Wheelchairs   

All that we ask is that you telephone in advance of when you require the wheelchair so we can reserve one for you. Most wheelchairs are standard 18" seat width but other sizes are often available.

We also have limited availability of lightweight aluminium wheelchairs. Ask for details.

Our Wheelchairs

Most of our hire wheelchairs are Drive Medical STS18 steel wheelchairs or LAWC Lightweight Aluminium wheel chairs.   

          Only £16 per week

STS Steel Wheelchair     LAWC Aluminium Wheelchair   
 Limited stock available Limited stock available

 Our Scooters

We keep several hire scooters in the store including the Sunrise Emerald 6mph scooter, Pride Celebrity X4 4mph scooter and Pride GoGo Elite Traveller boot scooter.

Emerald Hire scooter Pride Celebrity x4   Pride Gogo

 Cost & Requirements for Wheelchair Hire and Scooter Hire:

• Wheelchair hire is £16.00 per week.

• A deposit of £20 for a wheelchair or £50 is required at the start of the hire and is refundable at the end & return of the wheelchair.

• The wheelchair/scooter must be returned to the store in the same condition as it was received.

• Scooter Hire is £45 per week or £35 per week for a travel (boot) scooter.


Wheelchair hire in Oxfordshire has never been easier.

Contact us on tel. 01235 519777 or email us on: admin@truemobility.co.uk